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At Eagle Arts Academy, We Believe That All Children Do Not Learn In The Same Way…

At Eagle Arts Academy, BOTH Circles and Squares Excel. Our arts-infused curriculum is designed to inspire our students to discover and explore their unique and extraordinary potential. By nurturing students’ creativity and imagination, we drive learning in a fun and engaging manner, helping students succeed regardless of their learning style. The school utilizes project-focused learning, center-based, kinaesthetic learning and differentiated instruction to teach every child at every level.

Future-Focused Education

Eagle Arts Academy drives students’ creativity and imagination via high-tech, center-based learning methods and individual student progress monitoring, preparing students for the ever-changing world of the 21st Century. It does so in a harmonious and collaborative culture focused on academic excellence, that provides opportunities for intellectual, emotional, aesthetic, and social development.


No Limits to Learning

We serve all children with various education requirements. The schools Instantaneous Education Response protocol allows teachers to educate in real time, continually evaluating what their student knows and more importantly, what they don’t know so they can make an immediate adjustment to a student’s learning program. Whether a child is at their grade level, below their grade level or is gifted, our enhanced curriculum expands learning at all levels.


What’s Happening at Eagle Arts Academy


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Interested in Enrolling your Child at Eagle Arts Academy?

Eagle Arts Academy’s harmonious and collaborative culture focuses on academic excellence through arts-full instruction that drive intellectual, emotional, aesthetic and social development. Complete the form below and join us for a free, on-campus consultation where we can show you how Eagle Arts Academy can awaken and hone the genius in your child with an arts-infused curriculum.

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