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Donna McGowan

Donna McGowan

Donna McGowan is a graduate of Transylvania University with a degree in Studio Arts and a minor in business and has worked as the creative designer for church organizations since 1992 – 2000. Donna is currently an Advisory Board member for HCC (Houston Community College) Digital Communications Department of CENTER OF EXCELLENCE I Media Arts & Technology.


She has worked in management for Corporate America for over 13 years. Donna’s verifiable talent to maintain profitable retail operations, with success in capitalizing on growth opportunities gained her immediate advancement in the Retail Industry. Working as a manager for Macy’s she effectively managed over, 5 multimillion dollar departments implementing promotional marketing strategies, and upholding fiscal integrity to maximize business. She is an articulate communicator, and an effective trainer skilled in achieving individual buy-in on organizational goals with high ethical standards.


Donna left the company in 2000 to pursue her passion. Her passion has always had a focus to empower women and teens and to impact leaders that impact lives. To realize that passion to empower women, as the visionary and creative designer, Donna launched N.O.W. leaders for pastors wives in 2000; the first of its kind to target the needs and issues faced by Pastor’s wives. As founder of N.O.W. for over 4 years Donna worked with faith-based leaders city-wide, crossing denominational and ethnical walls providing a safe place where they came and share their needs, receive counseling, training and development to increase their self-awareness, and the ability to more efficiently fulfill their duties while living a balanced life. Through our focus group sessions, leadership development seminars, workshops and conferences, N.O.W. served more than 2,000 individuals and impacted over several hundred women leaders in the Houston community.


Donna is the entrepreneur genius behind Expanding Leaders Horizons NOW her desire to reach out and do more on a larger scale for faith-based leaders was actualized with the incorporation in 2006. Expanding Leaders Horizons NOW, Inc., is a Non-Profit Corporation recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3). The corporation is currently in its development stage. ELHN provide leadership, business, and social skills to empower leaders in the non-profit/faith-based sector for impactful purpose in their lives and the lives of others. NOW also promotes capacity building in the management of their financial and human resources to better meet their social purpose and have a greater impact on society.


Her vision to continually expand and create innovative paths to meet the needs of leaders led to her latest endeavor, an interactive Web-based multimedia website; The website’s multiple forms of media and content will place a wealth of information at the fingertips of the leader. This
platform enables the leader to make the most of his/her time by controlling the when, where, what and how of the delivery.


In 2009 Donna created Women of NOW LLC ( with the vision of launching women into their NOW. Woman of NOW LLC is positioning itself to become one of the century’s most powerful winners for women. In 2015 Donna created Light up the World NOW a national women’s empowerment movement to empower women and build out a platform to showcase up and coming teens . Light up the World NOW is a subsidiary of our company that is reflective of our commitment to move women to the forefront. The Light up the World movement will be permeated state to state to impact change in the lives of women through our renowned speakers and will honor women who are beacon lights for change and impact others to light up their community, city and the world.


She is a strong advocate for charitable endeavors and has presently, supersized the vision of Light up the World NOW to impact the livelihood of women through scholarships for women in business.


Married to the man of her dreams, Donna currently resides in Houston, Texas with her loving husband John were they regularly attend Lakewood Church where John is an Associate Pastor.

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