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Happier students, healthier minds, at Eagle Arts Academy

As a parent, I know that not all children learn in the same way, and that traditional education curriculum often forces talented, creative circles to fit into rigid squares.

The traditional classroom teaching model has gone virtually unchanged from generation to generation and is rarely, or if ever, modified. What works for one child to learn does not work for another and is why we see so many children struggling in school. These standard core subject teaching methods along with standard testing procedures measured by standard benchmarks can hamper struggling students, children who are visual learners and gifted children.

As a seasoned arts and entertainment mentor; coach, talent scout; film, video and concert producer, I know first-hand the positive impact that exposure to the arts has on children, helping to increase their confidence while discovering and nurturing their talents. The classes that we knew and loved growing up, such as music and art, have all but disappeared in the majority of schools in America.

With technology at the forefront of our daily lives, why aren’t technology skills taking a more prominent role in our children’s education, given the competitive world they will enter when they graduate?

After countless hours of research, school visits and discussions with top educators, I made the decision to establish a charter school built on a model that infused arts education and technology skills with traditional core curriculum and innovative teaching methods to make learning engaging and fun for ALL types of children.

As the founder of Eagle Arts Academy, I, along with a board of directors comprised of respected credentialed arts and entertainment industry professionals, parents and community leaders, work daily to morph from the stifling rigidness of traditional academic programs into an exciting, engaging, center-based and excellence-focused approach.

The journey has been very well worth it… because it is working!

Each day I, along with our team of educators and staff, are inspired by the tangible benefits and advantages of our arts-infused academics. We find:

Eagle Arts Academy Founder's Message
  • Students are excited about coming to school.
  • A sense of self-confidence and pride in our students where there once was none.
  • Inspiration in those released from the pressure to “blend in”, rather than “stand out”.
  • Regardless of their learning style, students discover and explore their own unique and extraordinary potential that drives their personal pursuit of excellence.
  • Never-before-talent awakened and excelling.
  • Vast improvement in once-rocky relationships between students and their parents.
  • Student goals realized, such as acceptance to A.W. Dreyfoos School for the Arts and Bak Middle School of the Arts.

I encourage you to tour our website and learn more about Eagle Arts Academy and invite you to visit our beautiful 13-acre to experience our center-based, high-tech supported approach to education in Palm Beach County.


Gregory James Blount

Founder/Executive Director and Acting Principal

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