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Children will get a strong, versatile education preparing them for real world settings

Hands-On Learning – Kinesthetic Based Education

Eagle Arts Academy delivers a hands-on learning-based education to elementary and middle school students in West Palm Beach. Each child is unique and so are their learning needs. A progressive, hands-on approach to education can make all the difference.

We all learn better by doing. Through hands-on experiences, our students are given the opportunity to learn, to problem solve and to experience failures as well as successes. We prepare our students for the challenges ahead.

Students of all ages benefit from this learning style because it ultimately teaches them a sense of responsibility, while making the lessons fun and engaging. For more information, you can speak to us directly, call us at 561–210–9145 or email us

How it Works

Experiential learning is more than just a few field trips; it’s about getting real projects with outcome-based goals. Structured lessons and goal-oriented learning is our primary focus.

Kids learn to code at Eagle Arts Academy by coding and they learn to act by acting. The same hands on approach to learning is implemented in our arts programs as well as our STEM curriculum.

High level courses and art classes like these require a hands-on learning approach. Engaged students are happier, and happier students perform better and adjust better.

An arts school is only as good as its educators, which is why we seek out the best teachers and industry professionals who can provide real hands-on learning experiences for every student.

Students are given individual attention and instruction that will make them more likely to succeed. No student at Eagle Arts Academy is lost in the crowd of desks.

We hope to instill a fundamentally great education by providing meaningful experiences in both STEM and arts programs for students K – 8. As we grow in the West Palm Beach community, we hope that our philosophy will touch the families around us.

Pursuing an Interest

We encourage students to pursue their interests and to tackle problems in a way that makes sense to them. We engage students with a curriculum that really challenges them in a positive way. Ensuring that they learn to tackle problems effectively through hands-on learning.

Arts programs have experienced some decline in recent years, but more parents, professors and education professionals are beginning to realize just how important a well-balanced education is. By allowing students to pursue an interest in arts and providing hands-on learning opportunities, we give our kids a chance to really learn something amazing about themselves.

This approach to learning allows students to have fun while learning new tasks and problem solving in real time, preparing our elementary and middle school students for the challenges that will face them in high school, college and ultimately, the real world.