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At Eagle Arts Academy, education, family, and community are some of our main priorities. We continue to show our support and provide for families from Puerto Rico that have been displaced from their homes and are currently living in Palm Beach Gardens.

It’s easy to forget the effect that a hurricane can have on the lives of those in the direct path of a storm. Puerto Rico was hit by both Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria late last year, and the effects of those powerful storms are still being felt today.

Last year, Eagle Arts Academy, a youth arts academy in Wellington, Florida, spent more than $9,000 on hotel rooms for families who were waiting for placement. These are our students and their families are a part of our community as well. No family should have to worry about having a roof over their head or a school for their children to attend, which is why our school is here to help.

We are happy to provide a little normalcy, and a happy and steady structure for our students’ families from Puerto Rico.

We will continue to show support to those who were affected by the hurricanes, and we ask that all parents and faculty at Eagle Arts keep these families in your thoughts while they rebuild their lives.

You can read more about our contribution in this news article on the WPTV website.

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