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The WPTV news article about Eagle Arts Academy highlights how important art programs are as part of a well-balanced education.

Eagle Arts Academy founder Greg Blount was interviewed for the piece. He states, “We are all born with natural talents, but by the time we have been through our educational system far too many of us have lost touch with them.”

Blount founded Eagle Arts Academy to ensure that kids with artist inclinations and supportive parents would have a place to learn and grow, both educationally and artistically.

What Sets Eagle Arts Academy Apart

Mathematics, English, science, and history make up the core subjects that almost all focus is placed on at elementary and middle schools across the United States; and with good reason. A full grasp and understanding of these subjects is essential to the future of every child.

At Eagle Arts Academy, these subjects are of focus throughout the entire curriculum, but emphasis on arts and specialized education is just as important.

The truth is in the proof. The WPTV news article about Eagle Arts Academy references a study that highlights some of the reasons why education that includes art programs is so important.

  • Students with four years of arts education score 100 points higher, on average, on the S.A.T. than those without an arts education.
  • 72% of business leaders say that creativity is the most important skill they seek when hiring.
  • 93% of Americans think that an arts education is a part of a well-balanced education.

Almost all parents agree that an education in the arts is vital; yet, it’s common to see arts programs disappearing from curriculums across the country.

You can explore your child’s options, passions, and future by encouraging artistic endeavors. Schools like Eagle Arts Academy in Wellington, Florida are making a case to bring arts education back to American students.

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