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Give your child a head start with an arts education

No Standardized Testing

We Don’t Teach For the Test

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein.

The way you educate kids is just as important as the standard you hold them to. Eagle Arts Academy one of Wellington’s most prestigious schools with no standardized testing.

Our mission is to provide high-level education and avoid the “teach for the test” mentality that so many schools believe is the primary focus of education. We want to reintroduce the arts to the education system and provide effective, enjoyable curriculums for our K – 8 students.

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We take every opportunity to teach our students how to learn rather then how to take tests. Though both skills are important, both skills should be represented in the curriculum proportionally based on their importance.

The Arts Improve Learning Experiences

Our position as one of the few school of the arts in West Palm Beach allows us to use the arts as a means of better educating our students.

Children are either visual, kinesthetic, or auditory learners. An education that provides artistic and creative output will allow them to improve their learning skills.

We can use the arts to teach children and integrate learning styles so that the more visually inclined students get the opportunity to learn just as much as the kinesthetic “doers”. We don’t teach kids to pass tests, we teach them what’s important. We focus on their education, not just their ability to take tests.

Schools with no standardized testing is not a new concept. All over the country, more parents and more schools are realizing that standardized testing might need some modernizing. For now, Eagle Arts Academy is committed to providing the best education we can, in both the arts and STEM classes.

Our Mission

We believe every child needs more than mandated standards, testing, or passively consuming knowledge. Instead, children learn best through a hands-on approach that is engaging and actively increases their understanding, knowledge, and skills.

Standardized testing is just one way to measure a child’s intelligence and school that focus on standardized testing miss opportunities to really educate towards a child’s strengths and build their weaknesses.

Every Eagle Arts student is held to a high standard of education but not taught to pass standardized tests. Every Eagle Arts teacher provides real education through hands-on learning, offering years of industry experience and educational training.

Education matters at Eagle Arts Academy.