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Eagle Arts Academy

Eagle Arts Academy is an exceptional charter school that focuses on an educational format dedicated to helping children discover and explore their unique and extraordinary potential.

EAA’s Founder was driven by Walt Disney’s belief of the importance of infusing the arts into education and how it can inspire a child’s creative and imagination. If we can “engage” your child in their desire to learn, we believe that is the greatest part of the battle in education.

Believing that all children do not learn in the same way, Eagle Arts Academy uses a “whole child” approach to education, infusing core curriculum with arts education and technology skills in a collaborative culture that drives academic excellence.

We use teaching methodologies that create a fun and engaging learning environment such as Center Based Learning, Project Based Learning, and Kinesthetic Learning. Children who don’t like school or struggle with standard teaching methods are transformed into engaged learners, no matter if they are a low -level, average or gifted student. Our goal is to create as many options as possible to help them be successful in their learning.

Our Mission:

To educate the whole child using a challenging 21st century curriculum that focuses on the arts and technology.

Our State-of-the-Art Campus and Facilities

EAA is based in Wellington on 13 beautiful acres and includes five education wings, a gymnasium/theatre, a professional soccer field, a basketball court, two playgrounds and plenty of space for kids to be active. The EAA board and teaching staff are most proud about the new Mac lab in which students gain filmmaking skills and learn the art of coding (beginning in third grade) to create their own animation art. The campus also includes a new 1,700-square-foot, $500K professional television studio where students produce a daily morning news program and various other productions.


40 Minutes of Arts Education, EVERY DAY.

When school budget cuts in the arts “don’t cut it for your child”, the arts remain at the core of all we do. Every student from kindergarten to 8th grade gets the opportunity to experience each of Eagle Arts Academy’s six Encore programs: Art, Acting/Drama, Filmmaking/Animation, Music, Dance/PE, and TV Production. Each student receives 40 minutes per day in one of these disciplines for a six-week series and then rotates to another discipline through school year. This ensures that they are exposed to all aspects of performing and production arts, which often awakens a new interest or reveal a hidden talent in areas never before explored by a student.


Interested in Enrolling your Child at Eagle Arts Academy?

Eagle Arts Academy’s harmonious and collaborative culture focuses on academic excellence through arts-full instruction that drive intellectual, emotional, aesthetic and social development. Complete the form below and join us for a free, on-campus consultation where we can show you how Eagle Arts Academy can awaken and hone the genius in your child with an arts-infused curriculum.

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