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Sensory-Based Learning

Learning Difference Curriculum

Sensory-based learning is an approach to education delivered to young children from the grades K – 2 and often forgotten by third grade. At Eagle Arts Academy, sensory-based learning and hands-on education is delivered to all our students K – 8 because of the many benefits of this teaching style.

Class sizes are kept smaller to accommodate a richer learning experience for all our students. Our dedicated educators and staff believe that children who are equipped with the right tools and education can excel and reach their full potential.

Sensory-Based Education for LD

Eagle Arts Academy offers curriculum and opportunities for students with Learning Differences as well as students who would benefit from a sensory-based learning environment.

A curriculum of sensory-based learning benefits students with LD, students who struggle to focus, and students who excel in academics. All Eagle Arts Academy students possess an above average cognitive ability, creativity, and eagerness to learn. We hope to nurture those instincts and allow students with the outlets they need to pursue their interests.

The Eagle Arts Academy curriculum delivers innovative education and a nurturing, safe environment for students with Learning Differences.

Our special needs programs adapt research-based teaching methods that cater to exceptional students. While having fun, they won’t realize they are learning valuable lessons.

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Sensory-Based Education for All Students

Tactile response is still important in education for students of varied abilities or interests. All children are unique, and a sensory-based education plays to the strengths of each child’s uniqueness. This learning style is on the cutting edge of education research and Eagle Arts graduates of all ages benefit from this approach.

Middle school children need a creative output as much as third grade students, and that’s exactly what we provide. At Eagle Arts Academy, students are given the opportunity to learn in an environment that encourages play as a form of education.

We provide art programs for elementary and middle school students as well as higher level courses in game design and coding. All students also receive educational curriculum in STEM classes.

All our students are given the same opportunity and every student benefits from an approach to sensory-based education that tailors learning to their uniqueness.

At Eagle Arts Academy, we help kids find confidence, compassion, and critical thinking skills.