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Sheri Klostermeyer

Sheri Klostermeyer is a wife, mother of twins and an Information Technology Professional. She is The Manager of Enterprise Solutions at ADMA BioManufacturing LLC in Boca Raton, Florida.

After graduating from Florida Atlantic University in 1996 she worked in Accounting and Finance for twelve years. Sheri’s strong communication, problem solving, team building and technology skills opened up a new door for her into the area of Information Technology. She became a Business Process Analyst to focus on Automation and Streamlining of Business Processes. She facilitates the automation and streamlining of business processes by working with cross functional teams to analyze a process, identify gaps and inefficiencies and then provide systematic solutions to provide a more effective, controlled process.

Sheri has served on the Board of her neighborhood Homeowners Association as treasurer and president and remains an active community member. She has also served as treasurer and fundraising director for parent teacher organizations.

She strongly believes that an involved parent can make a difference in a child’s education experience. In addition Sheri feels strongly that a conventional school curriculum does not reach most children and the infusion of art and technology plays an important role in the success of a child’s education. She has learned many techniques and teaching methods from a variety of therapists that have assisted her children since they were born. Since birth her twins received speech and language therapies, occupational therapies and special family instruction through the Early Steps Program. Alternative teaching methods were part of the normal daily routine in her household. She and her family worked with therapists and learned how to make learning fun and exciting and also saw the amazing results in her twin’s advancement in education. This was also experienced in a child find setting in preschool where the twins flourished. Once the twins entered into a public school setting for Kindergarten, they were bored and no longer showed a love for learning. School and learning became a bore and her children fought going to school. In her search for the right fit, other public and private schools just didn’t provide the right opportunity and home schooling seemed the only option. Once her family heard about Eagle Arts, they knew that the vision was the perfect fit.

Since the Klostermeyer family joined Eagle Arts in 2014 in the opening year, they have supported the vision of the school and have remained active and involved volunteers.

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