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Arts education makes learning easy and fun


While we understand that children do not all learn the same, it is important here at EAA to reach each child and serve them at their academic level. Therefore, Eagle Arts Academy has adopted curriculum from the State of Florida approved curriculum list.  In addition, our hands-on project based centers will be incorporated into all K-8th grade classrooms.

This is vital for those creative visual children to learn, grow and be engaged in the learning process.

EAA has chosen a comprehensive program that is cutting edge and research based.

Our ELA and Math curriculums are part of the ReadyFlorida program, a division of Curriculum Associates in conjunction with iReady (which is used by both charter and public schools in Palm Beach County). Our Social Studies (K-5) and Science Curriculum (K-4) uses the Studies Weekly program. While our 5th grade and middle school uses the rigorous Science Fusion program to best prepare students for all of their state assessments.

Staying true to our Arts focus, each grade level curriculum map incorporates a selected Disney film, which is studied from a cross-curricular perspective (ELA, Science, Social Studies, Drama, Arts, Dance, and Music). All grade levels complete a novel unit study each grading period. In addition, we use a variety of supplementary tools such as iReady, Flocabulary, Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress, Dreambox, StoryBoardThat and Study Island.

We believe it is equally important that all students learn good character traits, thus each grade level participates in a character education program exploring a different character trait each month.


This year, we are introducing a new S.O.A.R program (Students Obtaining Academic Resources). This comprehensive program will bring together tutoring, intensive reading/math classes, note taking/test taking/study skills class, Saturday test prep sessions, and Response to Intervention (RTI) programs.

Once a student’s academic deficiencies have been identified, an individualized approach can be tailored to best meet that child’s needs.

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